At Mack-Cali we always put our tenants first.  One way we successfully do that is by ensuring that our properties are as green as possible, wherever possible. We endeavor to continue to adopt programs and policies that are environmentally sound. These efforts will allow us to pass along savings to our tenants, improve the health of their employees, and help us preserve the environment.

Market trends suggest that the demand for energy resources will rise dramatically over the next 25 years and that will have a direct impact on our work place environments and how we live. We will continue to explore the many options available in the practice of recycling, energy conservation, water efficiency, and overall green building standards, at the corporate and property levels – all aimed at reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainability is a corporate responsibility that we have to our tenants, our environment, and ourselves.

Our buildings are consistently awarded with the industry’s highest honors:


The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification awarded by the US Green Building Council provides independent, third-party verification that a building is designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high performance in key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. We continue to identify more buildings that qualify for this impressive designation and as well as continue to operate all of our properties with the LEED best practices in mind.


An ENERGY STAR certified facility meets strict energy performance standards set by EPA and uses less energy, is less expensive to operate, and causes fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its peers. Owning a building that achieves top energy performance is a sign of good management, but owning a portfolio of buildings that achieves continuous improvement in energy performance demonstrates superior management and environmental leadership.


The Building Owners and Management Association International (BOMA) is a primary source of information on building management and operations, development, leasing, building operating costs, energy consumption patterns, local and national building codes, legislation, occupancy statistics, technological developments and other industry trends.

The NJ and CT chapters of BOMA have presented Mack-Cali with energy reduction awards in the Office Building category.

The focus of our energy efficiency plan is to continually seek out solutions to allow for more efficient energy usage while providing safe, comfortable environments for building occupants. The plan includes employee training, monthly tracking and analysis of building energy use, and implementing building improvements to reduce overall energy consumption. 


Programs and Projects


Mack-Cali Commit to Zero

Electronic Waste Management Program

This past year marked an expansion for our Commit to Zero program. The program entered its third year and participation tripled adding over 500 new participating tenants. Over one hundred new facilities were added bringing the total number of participating Mack-Cali facilities to 124 in 30 different communities. The results continue to be impressive with the collection of over 17 tons of electronic waste and reducing our global carbon footprint by 173,145 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

This year, through the US Renewable Partnership established with Outreach Foundation and End Hunger Northeast, every portable electronic device collected in Mack-Cali’s Commit to Zero program will provide meals to needy families in Mack-Cali’s name.

Lunch and Learn sessions with USGBC

Corporate Sustainability

We like to make sure that we inform our tenants on ways that they can be more sustainable in their individual businesses so we have teamed up with the USGBC to host ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions on corporate sustainability.  The USGB covers topics such as recycling, energy reduction, water conservation, and green purchasing.

Renewable Energy

Mack-Cali purchases a significant portion of its electricity supply from renewable sources, such as solar energy, wind energy, and a host of other renewable fuel-sourced generators.


Mack-Cali is committed to sustainable practices in the following areas (wherever possible) –

Materials and resources

  • Purchase recycled materials whenever possible for tenant construction or building capital improvements
  • Minimize or eliminate exterior water usage through the introduction of water-efficient landscaping
  • Retro-fit to LEED standards (lighting, landscaping, restroom fixtures, etc.)
  • Capital funding for new energy efficient HVAC equipment and building envelope insulation improvements

Indoor environmental quality       

  • Air quality—Mack-Cali office buildings are designed and operated to optimize the levels of fresh air circulation. This maximizes occupant health, comfort, and productivity while continuing to conserve energy. High-efficiency filters are used when possible.
  • Conservation of water, energy, and materials in the office
  • Energy-efficient lighting/lighting retrofits
  • Environmentally safe cleaning products
  • Low VOC paint
  • Water conserving bathroom fixtures
  • Conversion to coreless paper products


We endeavor to ensure that all materials from the building are disposed of in a safe way for both tenants and the environment, including paper, printers, ink cartridges, and plastics.                         

Green cleaning

We encourage the use of green cleaning products that are safe to employees’ health, as well as the environment.

We educate our property management team and service providers on the importance of using environmentally friendly products, recycling of waste, and continually practicing energy efficient practices in all our buildings.