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tips-for-apartment-living-11 Ingenious Uses for Eggshells

11 Ingenious Uses for Eggshells

Next time you want to throw your eggshells out, guess again! Below are 11 different uses for eggshells. 1. Add them to your fertilizer pile. Eggshells quickly decompose and a…

tips-for-apartment-living-10 Genius New Uses for Dish Soap

10 Genius New Uses for Dish Soap

According to Good Housekeeping, dish detergent is most commonly used for washing dishes, however most people do not know that you can use it on various items around the house.…

tips-for-apartment-living-Benefits of Multi-Family Housing

Benefits of Multi-Family Housing

According to the Business Dictionary, multi-family housing is a building or structure that is designed to house several different families in separate housing units. The most …

tips-for-apartment-living-Benefits of Urban City Living

Benefits of Urban City Living

According to Life Paths 360, “The choice to stay in an urban or rural area is very crucial to the kind of lifestyle an individual wants to enjoy. The urban area is a great pla…