As Your Business Evolves, Make Sure Your Space Can Change with You

tips-for-commercial-real-estate-tenants-As Your Business Evolves, Make Sure Your Space Can Change with You

Changing Spaces
As your business grows and evolves, your current office space may need a change, too. Do you need more space? A new location? Or maybe a renovation?

Here are some basics to help you in your space decision:

Square Footage
Assess your space needs. Consider the total number of employees, and the type of space you'll need; the number of offices versus cubicle space; adequate and appropriate IT space; and the number of conference rooms and storage rooms. Be sure to plan for future expansion requirements. A standard density rule for work and common areas is to allow 250 to 285 square feet per employee, with call centers requiring about 180 square feet per employee. If you require significant square footage—perhaps for a headquarters location—you may also wish to consider having a facility built-to-suit for your business.

Do you like the way your office is configured? If not, you may want to reconfigure the space or move to newer, more efficient office space. When renovations are necessary in more than 20 percent of the space, it often makes sense to consider changing spaces. The efficient use of your space is key.

Does your location still work for you and your staff? Consider commuting time for employees, traffic flow, access to highways and mass transportation—and don't forget—proximity to clients and customers.

What are your present technological requirements? Today, most buildings have high speed Internet, but not all. Do you require satellite or specific bandwidth and fiber optic service? Computer equipment may require supplemental HVAC for cooling and/or backup generators for power redundancy. The amount of energy a building can supply and its efficiency in delivery must be carefully evaluated.

Moving Expenses
Moving expenses—including company downtime and construction costs—can be significant and should be evaluated based on the quality and efficiency of the improvements you gain if you move to new space.

Today, properties with a variety of amenities are strongly appealing to employers who wish to help their staff balance work and family life. From dry cleaning services, on-site cafeterias, banking and childcare to fitness centers and walking trails—consider what's important to your employees' environment and lifestyle.

Property Ownership and Management
You'll want to consider the strength, stability and reputation of the property owner and manager. Look for an on-site management team that's receptive to your needs, and make sure the owner has the financial strength and stability to commit resources to maintaining the building.

Remember—Mack-Cali can assist you with your space decision—whether you require a renovation, expansion, relocation, or brand new facility. Contact your Mack-Cali leasing representative for more information.