Benefits of Renting Commercial Office Space

tips-for-commercial-real-estate-tenants-Benefits of Renting Commercial Office Space

Instead of purchasing a commercial property for your company, leasing an office space can be a lot more suitable for your company’s needs. Purchasing does have its benefits; however this option is not suitable for everyone! There are three positive factors when it comes to leasing an office:

  1. No down payment required  When you are purchasing property, you typically need a down payment which can take a huge chunk out of the businesses finances. When you lease, you can invest that money into expanding your business. The option for buying is better for the future once your company has established successful revenue.
  2. Repairs are handled by property management — When you lease space, if anything breaks, such as the air conditioner, all you have to do is call your building’s property management team and wait for someone to fix it. This is at no cost to you. If you were to own the property you would be spending thousands of dollars to make the repairs. 
  3. You have short-term options — As your business expands you will notice that your needs will change. You may eventually grow out of space. By signing a lease that runs anywhere between one to five years, you will be able to have the option to move to a building more suitable for your business. Leasing also gives you the choice to try a certain area; this allows you to determine the best location for your cliental and staff.