Tips for Packing for an Office Move

tips-for-commercial-real-estate-tenants-Tips for Packing for an Office Move





Here is expert advice on how to prepare for an efficient and successful office move.


  • Pack moving cartons with items to be moved
  • Empty and pack contents of all furniture, storage cabinets, cubicle file storage, and overhead bins
  • Label ALL items to be moved
  • Label all moving cartons ON THE SIDES, not tops or bottoms
  • Label waste cans, chair mats, foot rests
  • Make sure your destination location number is on all labels
  • Empty trash, clean office area, and remove paper and posters from walls and bulletin/tack boards

Do Not

  • Label personal items; take them home with you and do not bring them into your new office until the move is complete
  • Leave boxes open or overstuffed
  • Pack your telephone
  • Tape or write on the moving cartons from Graebel
  • Leave keys in the locks

After the Move

FIRST CONCERN Get unpacked and back to normal operating routine as quickly as possible.

AFTER UNPACKING As soon as you have unpacked the moving cartons, please break them down and place in the designated area. Cartons will be picked up by Graebel.

DAMAGE CLAIMS Although Graebel will exercise extreme care, some damage may still occur. Prior to establishing a claim, the employee, supervisor or Relocation Consultant must be familiar with the condition of the furniture or equipment to know if damage occurred during the move. If damage has occurred, a claim form must be completed and given to the Relocation Consultant immediately following the move.

POST-MOVE We anticipate your move will be a smooth transition. When you arrive the day after the move, there may be some fine-tuning or repair needed. If so, please report this to your Relocation Consultant.


  • Desk empty
  • Supply cabinets cleared
  • File drawers locked
  • Wall items taken down
  • Breakable items properly packed
  • Computers, fax machines, etc. disconnected
  • Liquids drained from special equipment
  • Loose casters removed from chairs
  • Desk and chair pads tagged
  • Take another look around... is everything tagged?
  • Condition of furniture and equipment carefully checked
  • Chair seat and pad, floor mat, wastebasket tagged
  • Artwork, wallboards, tack boards labeled
  • Remember, if it is not labeled, it will not be moved
  • If you have any questions, contact your Relocation Coordinator


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